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Accountant Records

Matter of Public Record

 Joseph and Roman

Joseph and Roman are a father and daughter duo who were savagely torn apart by Louise Dower, Aka AnnaBnanna, Aka Anna Barnett who is the selfish and narcissistic psychotic ex lover of Joseph, and mother of Roman! Louise Dower, in the name of her self righteous feminist movement, has exacted her women's scorn upon Joseph and Roman by running all over the state of Maryland, and telling anyone who will listen lies about him to support her intentional denial of access between them, and the parental alienation she is inflicting on both Roman and Joseph as punishment for his failure to be her personal puppet, or battery back, supporting her lazy pretentious lifestyle, like her current partner and pretend husband, Gil Barnett whose last name she now borrows whenever it pleases her will and desires. Thanks to social media, anyone can be anything they want these days...



Joseph was more than a man to Louise, he was a champion, a real prize to be envied reducing all other males after him to nothing more than mere insects who would say and do anything just to receive a fraction of the affection and admiration he gets from women.  He was Louise's 1st everything, and has of recently since their breakup confessed to Louise his sincerest regards for his initial betrayal towards her during tough times. However, Louise, is not particularly known as the forgiving type. The problem here, is that the wrath of her women's scorn is harming more than just the individual who hurt her, and by all means is unlawful.


Roman is a child "solider of love" who was born into a war between her mother, and her father, that she didn't ask for, and has no control over. Please help me liberate her from this chaos, and conflict so that she might enjoy what's left of her childhood, Little boys and little girls are not intended to be used as weapons, tools, and shields in the affairs of their parents at least that's what we are ideologically conditioned to believe in America


Louise Dower ​

​ This woman has been  able to commit crimes against Joseph and his daughter for the past 9 years, because she is a very skillful liar, has low morals, and cares about no one but herself.  She preys on the psyche of beta orbiting males who dream, and desire to be the hero coming to some damsels'  in distress rescue. These pseudo-hero types provide her cover and support that sponsors her ongoing egregious behavior, that common everyday people around her would never suspect, or do not want to accept. She comes off as novel, and very likable at 1st, and until you cross her, but only to those who do not dig beneath the surface of her layers. Her company, Olympus Sourcing is fake, and none existing, She has never been married to anyone. She only took a single class at Notre Dame. She is extraordinarily very well organized, but horrible at time management,  Her feminine hygiene is meticulous, and she is a hoarder, but all at the expense of someone else's direct sacrifice. She is somewhat good at editing and taking photos, which is a dying need these days, because of apps, and increasing photo technology making her less relevant ,and obsolete.  Louise is angry, and jealous of Roman, and feels that if she can't have Joseph, no other woman should either, even his own daughter, some shit right off the pages of an ancient Greek folklore. Joseph has reason, and now proof that this woman does not really care about Roman's welfare, health, and safety, and that she will put her in danger, just not "imminent danger" sanctionable by the courts, without a second thought to spare her own well being.


 Barnett Tensions are very high between Gilbert and Joseph because Gilbert is the primary accomplice assisting Louise with keeping him and his daughter apart. Joseph and his family believe they have gone through such extreme ordeals in order to hide evidence of abuse to Roman. During Joseph's last visitation with his daughter 6 years ago, she told him that Gilbert, aka Ty, a 6 '1", 250+ lbs, grown ass male was smacking her in the mouth, by demonstrating the activity on him, as it was done to her. Gilbert and Louise have been running, hiding, and lying ever since, as the good O'l boys in blue get it wrong over, and over, again allowing more time to pass and more harm to come to Roman. ​

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