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 Statement of Facts legal documents

September 25, 2020

A Court order was issued on the 25th day of, June 2010 requiring Louise Dower to allow Joseph visitation with his daughter every other weekend from Friday until Sunday, and every Wednesday evening until Friday Evening. Louise was given full legal, and physical custody of Roman, and on the surface, the Honorable Judge Fletcher-Hill had seemingly prescribed the perfect ORDERS for two civilized adults who only wanted what was in the Child's best interest. Immediately after the initial custody order was set Louise began her tactics of parental alienation and interference of Joseph’s parenting time claiming that it was in the best interest of the child for medical reasons so that Joseph would go along with her plans without a fight. This seems like a surreptitious suggestion from a recently fired legal ally.

Louise was ORDERED to “ regularly advise” Joseph of all medical and educational conditions of his daughter and to consult with him before making any major decisions

Following the court order, Louise has only informed, and involved Joseph with two, maybe three medical events before she decided that she didn’t have to inform him anything at all, and would punish him by intentionally interfering with Joseph’s parenting time whenever he would press the issue.

Louise would often claim that Joseph’s parenting time had to be cut short, or postponed to other days during the period she was living at at her Aunt Jeanette, and Uncle Murray Miller’s house located at 3404 Franklin street in Baltimore City, because of some kind of illness or appointment regarding the child and there was always an excuse.


Louise received extra assistance from the city of Baltimore and Anne Arundel County by repeatedly filing free, and fraudulent protective orders all at tax payer expense, claiming domestic violence whenever Joseph would articulate his frustration at her deliberate attempts to alienate him from his daughter, but has never once physically harmed, hurt, or ever threaten to harm, or hurt, Louise Dower, or his daughter at any point in their relationship. Joseph and Louise where involved in a toxic relationship where they were always mentally, and, emotionally abusive to each other, literally from the very beginning, that was marked with extremely high physical passion, sexual romance, and intimacy, as Joseph alway exercised the upper hand in such matters between them until his daughter was born, and was able to be used as a weapon against him.


It is believed that Louise was employing the practice of maliciously filing protective orders to provide her “cloak and dagger” style technique to deprive Joseph of his rights, and give her the space, and time, needed to relocate to new areas without notifying him, or anyone of her relocations to further alienate Joseph from his daughter, and cause his daughter and him further harm and injury. Joseph last had visitation with his daughter on or about July 4, 2014 where he met Gilbert Tyrel Barnett for the 1st time.


During his last visitation with his daughter he was informed by her, that Gilbert had smacked her in the mouth, by demonstrating the act on him. Joseph has never used physical force and intimidation to discipline his daughter and was outraged to hear that a big 250+ pound male was hitting his six year daughter in the face.


On July 4, 2014 upon returning to meet Louise, Joseph was late, and was ordered by Louise to hand his sleeping daughter over to Gilbert as Louise threatened to call the police, which she did do, as Gilbert threaten physical violence towards Joseph while at the same time he was holding Joseph’s sleeping daughter in his arms.


On July 4, 2014 Joseph left the scene of where he last saw, and held his daughter for the last time to avoid being threatened, harassed, and abused in the usual manner the Baltimore City Police interact with him, and other minority males of color whenever they come running to the aid of any female making a distress call for help as they tend to charge and arrest most males during these incidents after incomplete or poorly performed investigation.


Prior to July 4, 2014, Joseph had not had visitation or any contact with his daughter for about one year or more, because Louise had run off again without notice or warning.


Joseph fears that his daughter has been the subject of continued physical, mental, and emotional abuse at the hands of Gilbert and Louise because of his 2014 -2016 legal failure in Baltimore City Circuit Court and is concerned that she is now reluctant and afraid to talk about further abuse, and, or more server forms of abuse imposed on her.


Despite Louise’s attempts at alienation, and her intentional interferences, Joseph’s daughter would always remember who her father was as she would open up to him with greater reluctance after each reunion, but would always return to a happy warm hearted little girl in love with her daddy, as they would have a memorable, and enjoyable time together each and every time Joseph was allow to spend with his daughter.


Joseph and/ or his family has only been allowed by Louise to have one birthday visitation with his daughter following the  2010 court order.


Joseph has had zero (0) Christmas’, 0 Thanksgivings, 1Easters’, 0 Labor Days, 1 Memorial Day 0 New Years Day, 1 Independence Days, and 0 any other holidays with his daughter since Louise and him broke up in 2009 and following the 2010 court order.


Louise has robbed Joseph’s daughter of her entire paternal family who would also uphold  the rights of the child and ensure that no harm came to the her from Joseph or anyone else by holding Joseph fully accountable to his own claims since childhood about being a good father to his offspring when the time came.


Evidence exist to support that Louise is pawning Joseph’s daughter off on her family members , such as aunt’s, uncle, and friends who are willing accomplices that knowingly assist Louise with interfering with Joseph’s access, parenting time, and the alienation between him and his daughter that it has created.


Gilbert, and his Mother, Angela Warden are fully aware that Louise is intentionally interfering with Joseph’s access to his daughter.


Joseph has been unable to determine what is in his daughters best interest during any stage of her life because of the extreme measures taken by Louise Dower to interfere and alienate him from her life with the assistance that she has received from The Baltimore City Circuit Court,The Baltimore City Police Department, The Baltimore City Sheriff's Department, The Baltimore City, and Anne Arundel County Court Commissioners’ Office, Anne Arundel County Police Department, Anne Arundel County School System, privately funded agencies, and assistance from other family members who have supported Louise, the impoverished law breaking child abuser who would not have been able to commission these injuries upon Joseph and his daughter without their assistance.


Joseph is afraid, and does not want to contact or communicate with Louise in any manner other than written verifiable means of corresponding complete with times and date with information only specific to the child and orders of the court.


Joseph is and has been severely depressed since 2008 because of the estrangement, and alienation of his daughter, and never being able to recover from the unrelated 2008 fraud and framing taking place two days after her birth. However, Baltimore as well as many other cities throughout the country’s resolution to black males with emotional trauma is to kill them, arrest them without probable cause, and, or exacerbate their distress further in order secure their own social status, job security, and pensions, because law enforcement agents today are cowards just pretending to be hero’s for praise, pay and attention from women they don’t really deserve but minimally receive only as a result of wearing a badge, and a uniform. These Cowardly color of law enforcers, do this in abuse of their authority, in attempts to gain a competitive edge regarding dating, and desirability issues that all males are having around the world today with woman demanding equality, and more than their fair share, while having the ability to receive instantaneous gratification, fame, and glory through social media outlets without the need for a “middle man” so to say, which is no different than what Louise is, and has done to Joseph and his daughter with the help of the Maryland Judiciary. It’s called “Scapegoating”.


Louise has made it difficult to contact and communicate with her regarding visitation and any legal issues surrounding custody and visitation. We believe that Louise is unfit for continued custody, and has always been unfit for custody of Joseph’s daughter and is only able to pretend to be this “great mom” with the private help of Gilbert Barnett, and his family, and Loretta and Kenny Fulton. These individuals are primary subject matter for a new upcoming lawsuit along with anyone else who is discovered to have knowingly assisted Louise Dower with parentally alienating Joseph and his daughter


Josep's parental right and access to his daughter are not, and have never been TERMINATED. His rights as the father supersede those of any baby sitter, school official, teacher, family friend, or family member. If you truly care about the child’s best interest then you are being asked nicely now to communicate and correspond directly with him INDEPENDENT of Louise Dower, and or Gilbert Barnett, and only within the context of the law or you will be sued for helping Louise with parentally alienating Joseph from his daughter. Louise Dower is and has been acting as a vigilante operating above the law in this matter and needs to be stopped! Every one helping her will suffer the same LEGAL consequences when she falls.

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